What Does It Take To Succeed In A Car Wash Business?

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Does it take just guts, money or passion to succeed in a car wash business? Do you need all three to beat the competitions? There may be a lot of car wash businesses today in the market, but we’ll focus on one. Here are some kinds of a car wash business…
1. Hand car wash business – the company hires employees to manually clean cars using their own hands applying car shampoo and buffing.
2. Self-Service car wash business – generally, these are coin operated and car owners usually clean their own units.
3. In-bay automatic – vehicles are stationary and a certain automated machine goes back and forth to clean the cars
4. Tunnel car wash business- the car is loaded to a conveyor which goes to a tunnel full o cleaning facilities and mechanisms
5. Steam car wash business- Mostly known in some parts of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. It uses a jet of steam and microfiber towels to make it easy on the car’s paint
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