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In several points of our lives, we get sick. Being sick can bring about positive and negative effects. Positively, whenever you are sick, you draw the attention of your loved ones, and it is the time you will feel loved the most.

Scientifically speaking, being sick and acquiring viruses, such as those for Measles or Chicken pox, can mean that you will not be vulnerable to these viruses in the future. Thus, acquiring them at an early age should be more of good news. Majority of the population gets these viruses sooner or later in their lives, so there is no need to panic.

The downside, however, is that some sicknesses are irreversible. Some can lead to permanent disability and even, death. It remains a debate as to whether people should resort to medical or magical assistance.

The truth is this: healing spells should never be used instead of conventional or traditional methods of healing. They are best used in combination with them, complementing and enhancing the power of other methods, and fortifying the process of recovery.

For all-purpose healing, it is usually best for a person to cast their own spells. Healing spells are one of those exceptions to the rule, and is one of the best gifts you can give for another person. Healing takes place often times on the spiritual plane first.

When a person’s spiritual essence begins to heal, this manifests healing on a physical level. If you want to heal yourself, you can align your energies, just like what they do with Acupuncture.

In this article, allow me to teach you a simple healing spell using a candle. This is not a “Voodoo Spell” but invoking the LOA is something that is not best for a total beginner so I am putting this spell in instead as it is a simple and safe spell.

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