Things to Know Before Coming to Mauritius

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Drinking the local water may therefore be relatively safe as it is treated to ensure risk free consuming for the whole population of Mauritius. As a matter of fact, you could use the water to safely brush your teeth, bath or even cook. But as a good measure of precaution, it could be better if you boil the water before drinking it. Besides, you could even buy bottled water which is readily available in shops and shopping centres around Mauritius. Similar to other tropical countries, mosquitoes do exist in Mauritius. So, you may have to buy special cream or appropriate mosquito repellent to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Some villas are even equipped with electrical mosquito repellents which can be effectively used. Tablets called ‘vapes’ are inserted in the electrical device and can remain active up to 8 hours.6844a4115332f73a5c7f21269a4733b2.jpg

Moreover, a problem that many tourists encounter in Mauritius is sun burn. Underestimating what the sun can do to your skin can be very unwise. The sunshine in Mauritius is rather strong and can do harm to your skin if you are not protected by specific lotion. A skin burnt by the sun can create very uneasy feelings and can take up to two weeks to return to normal based on how much you have been exposed. Additionally, the power supplied in Mauritius is 240 volts. The power sockets use the British standard which is three pins. So, unless you come form a country where appliances use the British standard, you may have to bring adapters with you for your devices such as mobile phones and others.Cyprus Vapes is coming soon, we will be selling at cheap rates direct to the public. We will make available to you vapes at amazingly low prices. +35796297865

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