Tata Dongo Remi: Bringing Voodoo From the Congo to Belgium

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Once again this week we are talking about one of the most powerful Voodoo practitioners in a quest to increase the understanding of the power of this mystical religion before you request. This week we are looking at someone with plenty in common with our own resident priest, as he too comes from a long line of voodoo practitioners who started their work in Africa before taking the calling with them to operate farther afield. This week we are talking about Tata Dongo Remi, the man who took voodoo from the darkest depths of the Congo into the centre of Europe.

Dongo Remi is the third generation of four highly acclaimed Voodoo practitioners. He is considered a psychic and his early work was undoubtedly impressive but it has been his activity in more recent years that have brought him more into the public eye. He has met a variety of world dignitaries including the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mobutu Sese Soko and the previous pope, John Paul II. In addition, he has received interest for his work with the Congolese national football team, helping them to victory through his powerful spells and incantations. So what is that has brought such impressive, world renowned figures to sit with a voodoo practitioner? What is it about this unique individual that he is able to bring Voodoo into the mainstream world?

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