How To Choose the Right Doll House for you

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A doll house, if created and finished with care can very well become a family heirloom. With this in mind, you should not rush into the purchase, but should take your time and look at different available models carefully before deciding on the right house for you.

I think the first decision should be whether you want to purchase a house that has already been built, or if you want to purchase a doll house kit and build it yourself. Personally I think the fun and satisfaction realized when building a kit is the only way to go! You may however not feel comfortable in taking on this task, and if this is the case by all means look for a house already assembled.

Once this decision has been made, you should decide what style of house you want to own. There are many styles available, from cottages to grand Victorian style homes, to modern houses. Accessories and doll house furniture for every style of home is available for purchase. Some people choose the style based on their childhood house, or on a full size house that they wish they could own!

Each style of doll house will also be available in a few different sizes. I don’t mean the scale of the doll house, but the actual physical size. If you have limited space available for display, you will want to look at the smaller models.

If you plan to have children handle or play with the doll house, you should also take that into consideration when choosing the type and style of doll house you purchase. Some styles are sturdier, and the rooms are more easily accessible than others. Avoid houses with intricate gingerbread trims as these are easily damaged by children.

If you may consider adding to your doll house in the future, look for a model that has additions available. You may decide you are happy with the house as it is, but it is nice to have the option of adding another couple of rooms onto it in the future. There are a number of doll house kits available that allow for this option.

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